The End of a Fashion Era

Condé Nast has completely ended its fashion internship program. Condé Nast is the parent company of Allure, Glamour, W Magazine and over 15 other digital media companies. The company maintained an internship program for years, but lawsuits were filed against the company for incorrect payment to interns. As a result, Condé Nast has stopped taking interns. I believe the company took the easy way out. Why not adjust the program to fulfill the requirements for unpaid internship programs?

My roommate, Meredith Buckbee, is a junior fashion merchandising major at Kent State and loved her internship at W Magazine. “I find it disappointing that Condé Nast had to end its internship program. As a former intern, I was able to experience hands-on work that really helped me decide where I wanted to focus my career when I graduate, and it exposed me to the industry in a way that a classroom alone cannot. Also, I feel that the internship has prepared me for when I graduate to confidently apply for entry-level jobs in the fashion magazine industry.”

Everyone says an internship gives you real-world experience you need to land an awesome. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like Meredith got phenomenal experience. If I had the opportunity to intern at such a well-known company, like W, I would be more than willing to be an unpaid intern.

Employees of companies of magazines, along with interns, receive free fashion items from companies its publication works with. Employees and interns never expect the gifts, but who doesn’t love a free piece of jewelry every now and then? It might be jewelry an intern would never have the money to personally buy, so it’s very special for them to receive it as a gift.

When applying for the internship, applicants know the position is unpaid. You know what you’re signing up for. Also, if the intern did not like the position, her or she could quit at anytime. If it’s unpaid, what are you really losing? The intern could also contact the mentor and ask for parts of the position to be adjusted. Even though there’s a chance nothing will be changed, it’s worth a shot. A mentor is there to guide you and can help you get the learning experience you deserve.

Hearst Magazine and Fox Searchlight Pictures have been sued in the past, as well, for their internship programs. Their solution was not to end their internship. Spokespeople from Condé did state that ending the internship program may be too extreme, but proceeded to end the program. As Meredith said previously, the internship program gives you the confidence you need. Many individuals will not longer have that “in” they need to get a job at a company of Condé Nast.

Believe it or not, there is a positive to the ending of the program for people other than Condé Nast. The company will need to fill the positions that interns used to hold. Therefore, there are many more entry-level positions for college students. Since there are many more entry-level positions available, then maybe it’s not as big of a deal that the students no longer have the “in” from the internship program.

What do you think of Condé Nast ending its internship program?


Get the Demi Lovato Look for Cheap


This is an image from a Teen Vogue spread with Demi Lovato. This is a perfect cozy outfit for winter that every girl would love. According to Teen Vogue, the American Apparel cardigan was $89, the dress was Louis Vuitton, the scarf (in her hair) was Burberry, the Lulu Frost Necklace was $384, the Jr. Crew Belt was $148, the bracelet is Cartier and the ring is Tiffany & Co.

A similar plum cardigan can be found at H&M for $19.95.


A similar dress can be found at Old Navy for $12.97.

Instead of a scarf, use a headband to save money. This headband can be found at Forever 21 for $3.80.
The necklace can be found at Forever 21 for $8.80.
The belt can be found at Target for $16.99.
The bracelet can be found for $8.80 at Forever21.
The ring can also be found at Forever21 for $3.80.
Are you interested in Demi Lovato’s look now that you can afford it?

The Perfect Handbag or Tote for Any Occasion

Vera Bradley tote bag, Lilly Pulitzer Kindle case and a Vera Bradley clutch

Vera Bradley tote bag, Lilly Pulitzer Kindle case and a Vera Bradley clutch

Lilly Pulitzer Kindle Case

Lilly Pulitzer is a very expensive brand to many. Lilly Pulitzer is a floral patterned line, that you either love or hate. I love it, and it carries handbags to die for. It adds so much to every look. It is the definition of eye-catching. To a lot of people, it is not worth the cost. However, I recently purchased a Lilly Pulitzer Kindle case for $26.00. Well it’s an iPad case, but I’m using it for my Kindle. This seems expensive, but isn’t a Kindle expensive? It’s worth spending the extra money to protect something as expensive as a Kindle. Also, if you’re really watching the pennies, and you want a Lilly handbag, buy the discontinued patterns. No one knows when you bought the bag, right?

Crossbody Clutch

Everybody needs a crossbody clutch. It’s perfect for a concert, sporting event or even just a night out when you don’t feel like “lugging” around a purse. You still look stunning and have everything you need, but you feel free. A crossbody clutch can be casual or formal depending on the purse or the outfit. This Navoh Toni Crossbody Clutch is perfect to wear on a night out. It’s dressy, and it will add color to your little black dress. It can be found at TJ Maxx for anywhere between $15 and $29.99 depending on the pattern you choose. My favorite is the pink, but being on my college budget I would make myself like the cheapest pattern.

Tote Bag

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect tote bag to carry your books in for class. What girl wants to carry a bookbag to class? I only carry a bookbag to the library because my tote bags would break from all of my books. A tote must be durable, and it must be semi-neutral, so it will match numerous outfts. This Gigi Hill ‘The Helen’ Tote Bag is $17.99 on Overstock. This is one of the cheapest prices you will ever see for a tote bag, and it’s beautiful. I would carry it everyday for class. On Overstock, you will have to pay shipping, but it’s worth the extra money. Especially since most college students do not have a car to get them to the store.

Perfect, Basic Purse

Every girl needs the perfect purse to use everyday. It has to be very neutral because no one wants to switch purses to run to the grocery story. The basic purse is the purse you pick up to run out the door. Even though it’s used to run errands, it still has to be the hottest purse in the grocery story. Also, you might use it for dinner a couple nights. The color red can dress up any purse. It is very easy to match, as well. This Red Large Vicky Giraffe Print Faux Leather Satchel Bag Handbag Purse is $20.00 on Amazon. Amazon is another site that you will have to pay shipping on. The purse is giraffe animal print with a red handle. Animal print and red are my two favorite combinations, as long as it does not look trashy. This purse is classy and can be the final touch to many outfits. Not to mention, it’s easy to pick up and grab to run out the door.

What is your favorite type of purse? How much would you spend on a case to protect your Kindle or iPad?

Acceptable Fashion for the Fall and Spring

Some people think you need a different wardrobe for every season. For some pieces of clothing, that is true. However, some things are okay to wear for all season, if worn correctly. Here are some examples, from the Washington Post Lifestyle section, of pieces of clothing to buy now and still wear in the fall. I’ll show you where to get all the great prices!

Trench Coat

Trench Coats are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. They keep you dry in the rain and warm in the winter. They can be worn with a dressy outfit or with a pair of sweatpants.This Nuage Women’s ‘Monaco’ Water Resistant Short Trench Coat is $42.49 on You do have to pay for shipping, but it is worth it. A coat will always be a little more expensive. Also, who wouldn’t want a pink coat? It will look fabulous.

Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-Leg trousers are not only visually appealing but comfortable too. It’s like wearing sweatpants but still looking dressed up for your internship. I would not mind wearing that to work? I’d choose sweatpants any day. These Chaps Floral Wide-Leg Pants are only $10.35 and can be found at Kohl’s. $10.35 for a pair of pants?! Sounds good to me! These are a great, vibrant color that will stand out.

Men’s Buttoned Shirts

What girl doesn’t want to wear her boyfriend’s shirts? And now it’s a fashion statement too! Men’s button down shirts look great for a girl to dress up or down in. This Slim-Fit Shirt is $14.95 at H&M. I recommend the white, so then you can utilize your own accessories to dress it up. Also, if it’s a bit chilly outside, you can throw on a vest.


Knitwear is nice because it’s not too heavy, but it keeps you warm when necessary. You can throw it on with a pair of leggings or dress pants for your big job interview. This Warehouse Pointelle Split Back Sweater is $18.69 at ASOS. It used to $64.07! This piece of clothing would need a jacket over-top for an interview, but it is still a great purchase.

Structured Handbags

Structured handbags created an elegant look. The shape of the bag looks classy. The bag is large enough to hold all of your necessities, but it does not look clunky. These handbags will be a trend for awhile, so it will be a valuable investment. This Nine West Handbags Mod Mix 9 Jacquard Medium Tote is $49.49 on eBags. You have to order it online but currently shipping is free.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts are not going to be your most comfy purchase. It represents a woman in power. Next time you walk in the intern office heads will turn. You will look like a woman on a mission. This Pieced Knit Pencil Skirt from Express is $49.90. It is more expensive, but when you start shopping for the big girl world you have to spend more money.

Which is your favorite item? Can you pull off the same wardrobe in the fall and spring?

The Shoe of the Season

It’s the season of warm colors, and everyone loves to bring out their fall wardrobes. There’s always a new shoe for the season that’s appropriate to wear with every outfit. Last season, it was the high tan boots. Don’t get me wrong, those are still a fabulous pair of shoes, but what’s the shoe this season? The bootie. They can be worn with your casual outfit for class or a night out with the girls.

Combat Bootie

Here’s a look for the girls who want to go for the “tough girl” look. These are perfect to wear to class, and they will be comfortable. They may be a little more expensive than an average pair of shoes, but when buying boots you must splurge a bit. The Dollhouse Strength Plain Cuff Military Lace Up Bootie are $39.50. They can be found at UrbanOG. The plaid cuff helps to utilize the shoes for numerous, different outfits.

Country Girl Look

Want to go for a more girly, country style? These cowgirl boots are a light brown with a little bit of color pattern to add some life to the shoes. They are short country boots, so they could never be considered too much. The studs also add the perfect touch. Wear them with a big sweater and leggings to class, and you’ll immediately be the girl who always gets dressed up for class. But really… you just put on a comfy sweater and leggings, and your shoes made the outfit. These Mossimo Supply Co. Kaley Studded Boots – Cognac are $34.99. Guess where you can get them? Believe it or not. Target.

Dressy Bootie

Now here’s a bootie that I would not normally wear to class. I think they’re a little too dressy for class, but it is an individuals personal preference. They have a wedge on them, so they would be ideal for a presentation. Also, if you have a dinner/movie date coming up they are perfect. They would look nice with a dress and tights or pants. Also, for a night out they can be dressed up even more. These Sonoma Life + Style Wedge Booties can be found at Kohl’s for $39.99. My favorite part of the entire shoe is the little brown buckle. It makes the shoes even more classier than it already is. These shoes are my favorite yet, and no girl could ever go wrong purchasing them.

TV Programming Shopping

These are a pair of shoes I purchased a few years back, but they are still worth the money. They have stayed in perfect shape and are still the “shoe of the season.” They are very simple, so I suggest them as a better shoe to wear to class. However, if you can create an outfit for a different occasion, then you go girl! These shoes were on QVC for $39.95. QVC is a little more time consuming because you have to watch a program, but it has many name brand styles for the cheapest prices out there.


Stay Warm and Fashionable!

Kent, Ohio is a miserable place to be in the winter. With Kent State having one of the top fashion schools, girls push through the weather to look like a fashionista. Being fashionable is the last thing I want to do while walking through a blizzard to class. Not to mention, I am a complete wimp when it comes to the cold. But fashion is a must. Elle magazine ranked this dress a top trend for the chilly months. Not this is something I can wear in a blizzard. This all fur dress looks very warm but just a little out of my budget. Create a warm look of your own. I purchased the grey fur vest pictured for 16.99 at Marshalls. It might not be the full look, but it is an individual design. It also keeps me very warm on my way to class.

fur vest

Every girl in college needs a good pair of boots. Freshman year, I called my very upset about my boots at school. They were not warm, and it felt like every sidewalk was a slip and slide. Find cute boots that are warm, that have good traction and that are within your budget.

These Glaze boots, on Overstock, are only 32.67. The site also has many different colors. I would be interest in buying more than one pair in different colors. This price may sounds a little high, but it is realistic for a nice pair of boots with tractino. Remember, no one likes wiping out in front of everyone on her way to class. Boots are something I will spend a little more on because I want them to last. They will add the perfect touch to many outfits you already have in your closet and keep you warm.

We have an outfit and shoes, now we need to keep our ears warm. I’m a very big supporter of eBay, as seen in my last post. Currently, you can purchase a braided baggy beanie for $0.99. That is literally pocket change. Sometimes the shipping seems not to be worth it, but you cannot find a beanie this cheap anywhere else.

Is there any point in wearing a cute outfit when you’re all bundled up? If you’re going to keep your coat on the whole time just grab a cute scarf and dress up your “snowsuit.” One of the top scarves to buy are the infinity scarf. No one needs to be a scarf “pro” to know how to tie an infinity scarf. Charlotte Russe has a huge selection of scarves. My favorite is the chevron scarf. It is the best of both worlds: Chevron and a scarf. And… It’s only $9.99.

No woman can ever have too many scarves. It keeps you warm in the chilly month and dresses up any outfit. Not to mention you can wear the same shirt multiple times and just switch up the scarf each time. Sounds like a deal to me.

Dress Up Your Outfit for Your Next Class Presentation, Dinner Date or Going Home to See the Famiily

Wondering what to add to a bland outfit or plain sweater? Want to walk in the room and make everyone think you’re a top brand fashionista? Add jewelry to every outfit to give it a zing. 

Everyone needs a statement necklace to spruce up an outfit. The newest trend is the bubble necklace. Talk about a statement piece of jewelry. They come in every color imaginable with a wide variety of sizes. 

If you’re going to a class presentation it is a must to be dressed professionally. Who said you can’t add some fashion to your professional dress and make a statement ? Wear your bright blue “bubble necklace” and add color to your wardrobe, while maintaining the classy, put-together look. 

I recently purchased the bubble necklace pictured at JcPenney for $15.99. Seems expensive for a necklace? It is not only a heavy, well-made piece of Jewelry, but it is suitable, and critical may I add, for numerous occasions. 


The Faceted Triangle Short Necklace is a version of a bubble necklace from Charlotte Russe for only $6.00. I’d call that a steal if I’ve ever found one. It is a shorter version of the bubble necklace with black and studded triangles circling the neckline. Wear it with a one sleeve black dress for your next date night. Catch not only your dates eye but everyone’s in the restaurant by simply “throwing on necklace.”

A necklace is not something you necessarily have to try on in order to purchase it. Remember shopping online snags great deals, it just takes a little more effort. The Jane Stone Bubble Necklace, Green Necklace, Statement Necklace is only $8.54 on  This is similar in style to my recent purchase at JcPenney. Wear this necklace to your next class presentation with a dress and make a statement. Not only will your professor remember your presentation, but they’ll remember you made an effort to dress professionally. The statement bubble necklace makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Feeling daring? Take a chance and make your bid on eBay. Finding the best trendy deals takes a little bit of effort. But who doesn’t like a little challenge? Currently, the J.U.S.T. for the Crew! Bubble Bib Necklace Statement Aqua Turquoise is going for 10.50 on eBay and that’s already with ten bids. Bidding on eBay lets you choose what you want to pay. Who doesn’t want to choose their price for their most-desired piece of jewelry? And it’s J. Crew! What more can you ask? Wear it to the next family party with this sweater and, trust me, your parents won’t even notice the weight you gained at college. 

Anyone can buy a bubble necklace, but make sure you find a price suiting your needs. Now go out and buy that bubble necklace you need with enough money left over to buy groceries next week. Sounds like a deal to me.